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Power, Influence and Ethics

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Feb 17, 2017, 9:00am–10:40am
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Behavioral Ethics

Various notorious corporate scandals lead to SOX and increased federal regulations. Today, we know significantly more about how the leaders of these companies behaved at the height of fraudulent actions. Many of these CEOs created a climate of fear and intimidation whereby other senior executives felt compelled to do whatever was necessary to “meet the numbers.” Most people will operate in an ethical manner. How is it that so many otherwise good people can be coerced into taking unethical, even fraudulent, actions? The answer lies in basic human nature and our need for security, achievement and significance and the many ways unethical or 'toxic' leaders can play on our anxieties and fears.  This ethics course provides general ethics CPE credit. It is not intended to satisfy any state specific ethics requirements unless the course description specifies that it will.


Please Note:  This course is not approved for Texas, Florida, Virginia, Washington Ethics or any other state with a state specific ethics requirement.  Contact if you have specific questions on your state.  


*How to use the rules of influence to ethically influence others

*When the rules of influence are applied against us in an unethical manner learn how to defend ourselves


*Examine two sides of leadership - practices that build and those that destroy value and spirit in an organization

*'Toxic' leader characteristics- the worst of the worst leaders

*Four sources of leadership power

*Push vs. pull leadership styles

*The six 'Rules of Influence' that cause one person to say 'yes' to another person

*Ways to defend ourselves against toxic leaders

*How to use corporate politics to our advantage and still do the right thing for the organization

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