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Securing a Comfortable Retirement in the Age of Spending

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Dec 19, 2019, 8:30am–4:30pm
Capitol Plaza Hotel (Montpelier, VT 05602)
100 State St.
Montpelier, VT 05602
Surgent McCoy CPE, LLC
CPE Credits:
Specialized Knowledge: 4.00, Taxes: 4.00
Joshua Jenson (3175)
Joshua Jenson has over 25 years of public accounting experience in the area of tax, specializing in LLC, partnership, S corporation, and related individual tax matters. He is managing partner of Jenson & Company, CPAs, P.C., which he founded over 20 years ago. His firm is known for a boutique service approach, with a focus on tax planning and strategies.

Joshua is a member of the Oklahoma Society of CPAs (OSCPA), the Oklahoma City Chapter of the OSCPA, and the AICPA. He serves as Trustee and Chairman of the Educational Foundation and is a public speaker of the OSCPA. Joshua received the 2014 Distinguished CPA Award from the OSCPA in recognition of his involvement in the community and activism in the accounting profession.

Offering expert insight on tax issues, Joshua has appeared in numerous Oklahoma TV news interviews and been quoted in several Oklaoma newspaper articles. For over 9 years he was a weekly guest during tax season on a local talk radio station, where he grew to be known as "JJ the CPA."

Joshua is also an insurance agent with MassMutual, servicing clients through Jenson Insurance Group, specifically with life and disability income insurance needs as part of long-term, generational tax strategies. During his first year of practice, MassMutual ranked him eighth in the country for first-year agents, and named him Rookie of the Year for MassMutual in Oklahoma. He is licentsed in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Washington, Illinois, and New Jersey.

Joshua graduated from Abilene Christian University with an accoutning degree in 1993, and is a licensed CPA in Oklahoma and Texas.
This course gives CPAs the knowledge to help their clients plan for retirement by evaluating how much retirement income they will require and planning for how to reach their retirement goals.


  • Help clients determine how much retirement income is necessary for the desired retirement lifestyle    
  • Identify resources available for retirement    
  • Understand how to build the three-legged retirement stool: employer retirement, savings, and Social Security    
  • Develop Plan B when the ideal retirement goal is not achievable    
  • Explain ways that clients can convert the equity in a home to retirement income    
  • Explain how the value of a small business can be converted to retirement income    
  • Explain survival possibilities and how first-to-die and last-to-die survival probabilities are used in retirement planning for married couples    
  • Understand timing regarding the use of taxable retirement funds and nontaxable funds, and strategies to minimize income tax on Social Security    
  • Recognize the role of various investment types, such as life insurance, annuities, mutual funds, equity holdings, and bonds in retirement planning    
  • Summarize key points of recent research on the sustainability of retirement income and maintenance of desired retirement lifestyles



  • Retirement planning using variables such as desired lifestyle, travel plans, housing plans, medical needs and family needs to customize a retirement plan unique to the client    
  • Using the residence and other real estate as retirement assets through equity and rent    
  • Using the small business as a retirement resource through creative retirement plans, non-qualified deferred compensation, and converting the value of the business through sales within the family or to an outside party    
  • Asset allocation, portfolio management, portfolio re-balancing, and investment selection concepts, before and after retirement, tax-saving investment transactions, and the optimal asset mix between retirement plans and taxable savings    
  • Developing a three-legged retirement stool of employer retirement, savings, and Social Security, and timing the use of the legs of the stool to maximize after tax retirement benefits    
  • Distribution/asset liquidation planning including the pros and cons of various annuity options, guidelines/strategies using the minimum required distribution rules for qualified plans and IRAs, beneficiary elections, and the use of trusts    
  • Sustainable portfolio withdrawal rates during retirement for differing stock/bond/cash asset allocations, inflation rates, and tax rates both from tax deferred accounts and taxable accounts    
  • Analysis of the most current/important research on retirement planning and sustaining retirement income levels and lifestyles and the impact of the most recent tax laws, regulations, and rulings


Designed For

CPAs looking to advise clients on retirement planning, and CPAs looking for effective strategies for their own retirement


Basic knowledge of retirement planning
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