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Surgent's Preparing for and Navigating a Potential Banking Crisis

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Apr 17, 2024, 1:00pm–3:00pm
The collapse of FTX followed by Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank has renewed concerns with accounting and financial executives and their boards regarding how to navigate a potential banking crisis and survive. The course explores the challenges of the current monetary trends, the Federal Reserve, FDIC, and insurance reserves. We will analyze their impact on accounting and financial executives in areas of credit markets and banking, risk management, cash flow planning strategies, debt and equity mix impacts in uncertain markets, and globalization of the financial markets in times of uncertainty. Specific recommendations and insights will be offered to you to deal with the challenges, including a discussion on the nuances of FDIC.


  • Take a strategic perspective relative to risk management and crisis management in an uncertain banking environment
  • Review the impact uncertainty and risk at the operational level relative to short and intermediate term decision making
  • Determine the safety and soundness of financial plans in an uncertain economic climate specifically as relating to capital adequacy and strategic direction
  • Evaluate the safety of banks and financial institutions, capital ratios, and banking interrelationships
  • Analyze the impact of the credit markets on banking relationships and financial needs of organizations and their ability to raise capital
  • Determine the economic way ahead for CFOs/controllers, accountants, and other accounting and finance professionals in 2023 and beyond


  • Explaining the often-misunderstood rules of FDIC
  • Banking industry risks
  • Protecting organizations to the extent possible from financial market dislocations
  • Ensuring adequate protections for lines of credit

Designed For

CFOs, controllers, accountants, and other accounting and finance professionals who wish to understand how to survive a potential banking crisis



Advanced Preparation

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